BVLA Kiss and Tell Threaded Ends



The "Kiss and Tell" piece by BVLA is a spellbinding creation, featuring a unique and elegant design that effortlessly captures the essence of romance. The main element of this piece is a 6x3mm centerpiece, adorned with a distinctive 4x2mm kite prong, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall shape. A single 1.25mm round accent delicately enhances the composition, creating a harmonious balance.

The shape of the "Kiss and Tell" jewelry piece exudes elegance, with its thoughtful proportions and intricate detailing, making it a radiant symbol of love and timeless style. Whether chosen as a meaningful gesture or a personal indulgence, this BVLA creation promises to be a cherished adornment, embodying the sentiment of a heartfelt kiss and the beauty of enduring love.


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