BVLA Atlantean Hinge Ring


This Hinge Ring features a captivating arrangement of elements, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and uniqueness.

The focal point of the Atlantean design is the (5) Graduating Baguette Bezels, arranged in a graceful curve. Accentuating the space between and on either side of the bezels are (8) 3 Prong Accents, adding a touch of brilliance to the composition. Inside the row of bezels is an additional row of (5) Decorative 1.5mm 3 Prong Settings, creating a visually stunning and textured effect.

The Atlantean Hinge Ring's shape is characterized by its thoughtful arrangement of geometric elements, creating a balanced and harmonious composition. The combination of baguette bezels and prong accents forms a graceful curve that is both eye-catching and refined, making it a distinctive and stylish choice in body jewelry.


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