BVLA Graduating Tiffany Hinge Ring


The "Graduating Tiffany" boasts a harmonious combination of gem sizes – 2x1.5mm, 2x 2mm, 4x2.5mm and 1x 3mm – creating a captivating and graduated effect that adds a touch of uniqueness to your jewelry collection. The precision-set princess prongs not only secure the gems firmly in place but also enhance the overall brilliance of the stones.

Whether you're attending a grand event or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday ensemble, the "Graduating Tiffany" Hinge Ring invites you to embrace your inner princess and make a statement that resonates with refined grace and timeless beauty.

Please note that the hinge ring is priced higher than the seam ring due to the workmanship of the specific mechanism that allows ease of opening and closing! 


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