BVLA Tara Hinge Ring


Behold the regal elegance of the Tara Hinge Ring, a majestic adornment fit for royalty, crafted exclusively by the artisans at BVLA. This opulent masterpiece exudes the grace and refinement befitting a princess, marrying avant-garde design with timeless allure in a symphony of breathtaking beauty.

With forward-facing 1.5mm and 2mm princess prongs, this ring commands attention with its noble presence, evoking the splendor of a royal court. Each prong stands as a testament to precision and craftsmanship, securing the enchanting gems with a grace befitting a crown jewel.

But it's the downward-facing reverse set 2.5mm round gems that truly set this piece apart, casting a spellbinding sparkle reminiscent of stars adorning a midnight sky.

Please note that the hinge ring is priced higher than the seam ring due to the workmanship of the specific mechanism that allows ease of opening and closing! 


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