Genital Piercing: Vulva


This involves piercing a part of the vulva, there are many types of piercings that can be done in that area. This largely depends on the structure of your vulva, we will do an anatomy consult before picking out your jewellery and piercing.

Please indicate the type of genital piercings in the order note (after you click the book now button)

Clitoris/Clitoral Hood: The clitoral hood piercing is the most common vulva piercing and can be done horizontally or vertically. 

Labia and Vulval Vestibule: This piercing runs horizontally, partly under the clitoral hood and is located at the end of the labia minora.

Mons pubis/Christina: This surface piercing is done on the fatty tissue situated on the upper part of pubic area.

Genital Piercing - $200 (excluding jewelry)
Implant-grade titanium jewellery starts from $65.

$20 will be collected as a deposit to book a slot, which will be offset from your final bill.


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