Come back to our studio to downsize your backpost or bar after the initial inflamation has subsided, which will typically take about 4 to 6 weeks. Have a problematic piercing that needs troubleshooting? You may book this service too, we will help even if the piercing was performed elsewhere. You may book this slot for an anatomy consultation as well, to see if you are a candidate for a specific piercing.

Please note that this service is strictly for checkups and downsizing only and does not include new piercings. If you would like to get a fresh piercing done, please book for a piercing session and we will downsize whatever is needed during that session.

When downsizing, you can keep the same design piece in. Only the the backpost/bar will be changed to a shorter one.

Each backpost is $15, and bars are $25-$45.

$10 will be collected as a deposit to book a slot, which will be offset from your final bill.


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