Pupil Hall Instant Connection Threader Charm (PH-08)


Dainty chined threader which can be worn with any design tops. Two 1,5mm diamond in bezel set.

Measures 18mm for charm and 60mm for chain with bar.. Can be worn on both side for either left or right .

Introducing the versatile and stylish threader earrings, a must-have addition to your jewelry collection! These earrings are designed to be worn on either ear, regardless of the orientation in which the drop ends. With their unique and adjustable design, threader earrings offer endless possibilities for styling and personalization.

The threader earrings feature a delicate chain that can be threaded through multiple piercings, creating a cascading effect that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. The length of the chain can be adjusted to suit your desired look, allowing you to customize the earrings to your preference.

Not only are threader earrings incredibly versatile, but they are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The thin chain gently glides through the earlobe, providing a seamless and effortless look. Whether you prefer a minimalist and understated style or a bold and statement-making look, threader earrings can be easily customized to match your individual taste.

Color: 14K White Gold / Left

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