Genital Piercing: Vulvar (Deposit)


This involves piercing a part of the female genitalia. 

Genital Piercing (Vulvar) - $150

Please indicate the type of genital piercings in the order note (after you click the book now button!)

Clitoris/  Clitoral Hood: The clitoral hood piercing is the most common piercing for women and can be done horizontally or vertically. 

Labia and Vulval Vestibule: This piercing runs horizontally, partly under the clitoral hood and is located at the end of the labia minora.

Mons pubis/ Christina: This surface piercing is done on the fatty tissue situated on the upper part of pubic area.

$10 will be collected as a deposit when you make an appointment with us. You can make the rest of the payment after your piercing! 

*Price does not include the cost for the jewellery. Jewellery starts from $40 for implant-grade titanium.


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