Lip Piercings (Deposit)


There are over 14 different lip piercings you can get done on your lips and the surrounding areas.  

One Lip Piercing - $60

Double Lip Piercings - $110

Please indicate the type of lip piercings in the order note (after you click the book now button!)

Philtrum/ Medusa: Located right above the cupid’s bow, this piercing is done on the indented part of your upper lip. 

Madonna/ Monroe: Situated on the upper lip, this piercing is done on either the left or right side above the most upturned part of the lip.

Labret - Vertical/Ashley/Traditional: This piercing is typically done just below the center of the lower lip and right above the chin. 

$10 will be collected as a deposit when you make an appointment with us. You can make the rest of the payment after your piercing! 

*Price does not include the cost for the jewellery. Jewellery starts from $40 for implant-grade titanium.


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